The W Collective

The Chilled Weekend One


Treat yourself or a loved one to the "The Chilled Weekend" gift box, designed for relaxation and leisure. Inside, discover a deck of playing cards for entertaining games, charcoal soap for a luxurious grooming experience, a Delicieux green chocolate bar for indulgent snacking, and beer socks for cozy comfort.

Ideal for partners, dads, or office colleagues, this curated selection promises a weekend of enjoyment. Whether it's unwinding with a game of cards, pampering with charcoal-infused skincare, savoring gourmet chocolate, or lounging in themed socks, this box offers the perfect escape from the weekday hustle.

Our “The Chilled Weekend One ” box includes:
1 x Pack of Raise The Stakes Playing Cards
1 x Wild and Sage Charcoal Soap
1 x Delicieux Green Choc Bar
1 x Beer Socks